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Beating the January blues

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Beating the January blues.

Okay, It’s official, January sucks!

Christmas is over, it’s freezing, you wake up in the dark and go to bed in the dark. The list for why January is possibly the most depressing month of the year can go on and on … However, we have a few suggestions on how to put a smile back on your face for 2018!


Visit friends and family:

Whilst we throw ourselves into saving money and attempting our resolutions; we seem to forget our nearest and dearest. January is the best time to visit friends and family, it saves money and helps you feel happy and loved during a gloomy few weeks. Visiting loved ones doesn’t need to be expensive or cost money, long walks or just a cuppa with your Nan don’t cost a thing and leave you with that ‘warm, fuzzy feeling’ guaranteed to ‘warm up’ even the coldest of months!


Organise your finances:

After Christmas, we all feel the pinch on our waistlines and wallets!

Start the year as you mean to go on by looking through your finances and deciding when and where to delegate your money. Look at debt consolidation or loans with a lower interest rate to reduce the amount you are paying back. Work out debt repayments that are realistic and manageable. By taking charge of your debts at the start of the year, you give yourself an opportunity to gain control and alleviate some of the blues of January and perhaps the rest of the year too!


Get outside of your ‘comfort zones’:

With the weather being typical of this time of year, it’s tempting to stay inside and finish all of the left-over chocolate; procrastinating over your new years resolutions. Try and avoid this at all costs and get out of the house! Stepping outside, even for half an hour a day, boosts vitamin D, clear your head and even help shed those festive pounds! You’ll instantly feel more positive and engaged by doing something that raises your heart rate; whilst reminding yourself there is life away from the sofa! January is a great time to embark upon hobbies you’ve always wanted to; utilize the extra days off by researching low cost or free activities. It will not only get you feeling better but you can meet new people and embark upon new opportunities too!



Whilst we are on the topic of ‘new opportunities’.. the new year is the prime time for goal setting, targets and trying new things; that said, it is easy to become ‘over-zealous’ with these ideas and set yourself up for failure!

Rather than totally restricting yourself from the things you love, try moderating them instead. Trying new things is good but it doesn’t mean you have to like everything you try. We encourage you to get out and try new things and embark upon new ways of positively impacting your life; be mindful that they are sustainable and genuinely enjoyable! Part of seeking new opportunities and making the best of a new year is to have the courage to try things and make decisions that your ‘future self’ will thank you for.


Challenge yourself..

In thinking about the above, challenge yourself in a realistic way. Start small and once you have more confidence in the actualisation of your goals, then ‘raise the bar’ for bigger goals and challenges. The key thing is to choose challenges you will enjoy completing. Choose easy short-term goals initially so you can feel good as you complete each one; giving you inspiration and momentum to keep going and challenging yourself for the bigger ‘long-term’ goals!

There are many other ways to beat the January blues but January is what YOU decide it is.. So get thinking about the type of year you want and start as you mean to go on!