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Ten ways to save at Christmas without resorting to payday loans

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  1. Don’t see your loved ones? – Okay so this seems stupid and it is!! Rather than resorting to causing a row with your Gran, why not discuss with your family that you are struggling financially? If you feel embarrassed or don’t feel you can; why not suggest that you all don’t do ‘proper’ presents this year? Maybe make ‘keepsakes’ that will be cherished forever, or make a game out of not spending money on presents and doing something else instead. Your Nan would much rather a heartfelt letter or poem, than yet another broach she doesn’t go anywhere to wear. You’ll be surprised at your loved one’s reactions, many people struggle at this time of year in particular, it’s a way of alleviating that stress for everyone and creating memories that will last far longer than Christmas!

  2. Christmas tree goals? – Thanks to social media, the desire to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ has been pushed to its limits. Rather than spending a fortune on a tree that you only see once a year, why not enlist the help of the kids, cardboard boxes and create a ‘tree’ as a family. You will be making magic moments and saving a fortune. You can find some great ideas online, even for the less ‘crafty’ among us! Alternatively, charity and a ‘stuff for free’ sites are a total blessing this time of year!

  3. Need Christmas cash fast? – Sell your unwanted ‘stuff’! Ebay is popular for offloading last years unwanted gifts for a small fee but every penny counts! Facebook, Shpock and Gum tree are just a few free listing sites you can offload your ‘junk’ to and get some serious pounds in the process!

  4. Compare prices! - I know, it’s boring BUT with many online sites selling your family’s favourites for a considerably cheaper price than highstreet retailers, it’s worth the ‘trolling’ time!

  5. ‘Help the Homeless’ – Get the family involved in something truly worthwhile this Christmas and bring back the ‘festive spirit’ by helping the less fortunate. Not only will it get you and your family out of the house, it really gives you that ‘feel good factor’ when you help the less fortunate! Totally free but totally rewarding!

  6. Dress up as Santa-Taking the children to visit Santa can be expensive, stressful and time-consuming. By hiring a costume or buying a cheaper one online, you eradicate all of these things. The costume can be used again and again and imagine the little one’s faces having Father Christmas actually visit them in their home!!! Definitely cheaper than a visit to the shops and it also takes away temptation from unnecessary spending!
  7. Order in advance- The majority of discount stores make a killing by buying products from overseas. Cut out the ‘middle man’ and do this for yourself. With many sellers abroad online, you have access to lower prices, as they do, without forking out for expensive flights!

  8. Make travel arrangements in advance- With many transport sites online, it’s even easier to plan your journey. The majority of these pages offer massive discounts on advanced bookings! Take advantage of being organised this Christmas and book your journey at a cheaper price!

  9. ‘Secret Santa’ – Usually for the office but why not apply it to your family and friends too?

    Buying one gift is not only cheaper but a lot less stressful too! It makes Christmas fun and if you set a budget, you’ll be sure to save on spending this year!

  10. Make a list, check it twice! – Really reflect on what you have to buy this Christmas. Writing down exactly what you need, prevents impulse buying and really prevents over spending! It’s not just Santa who is organised!

    There are obviously many more ways to save this Christmas so get creative, do your research and save some money!

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