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Spreading Christmas fear

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Spreading Christmas fear

T’was the month before Christmas and all over radio and tv, were adverts encouraging you to part with your hard-earned money.

Can you afford presents and to spread Christmas cheer?

Your head starts to hurt and your hearts filled with fear.

‘What will little Timmy say if I can’t buy that car?’, ‘or place upon that tree, a bright Christmas star?’

You held out your open hands to that ‘payday lender’, your thoughts and your worries appease and surrender.

Why shouldn’t I borrow, you hear yourself say? You aren’t thinking about what happens if you simply can’t pay.

Then letters and calls start pouring through all of the cracks, it’s as if the Grinch stole your Christmas and won’t give it back!

You can’t pay your bills, your rent or buy food, that very same lender has turned into scrooge.

‘You can’t borrow any more but we will roll your loan over’, they speak as if offering a four-leaf clover.

Before you commit to yet another loan agreement, paying back more money than was ever even spent,

Pick up the phone to the ‘wise men’ of payday, they will be the ‘star’ that can perhaps pave the way,

To help pick up the pieces of your broken Christmas dreams, putting your finances together, starting at the seams.

They will advise, work with and support; in fighting against these lenders that wish to extort.

They can’t promise Santa and reindeer sleighs but they can explain your rights in wealth of ways.

By contacting us today you give yourself a chance, to take back control over all your finance..

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